My research interests are primarily focused on OCD in relation to advocacy, improving public perception and knowledge, and understanding best practices for training and education of clinicians. Within the United States, people often wait over a decade before receiving effective OCD treatment. Inaccurate stereotypes about OCD, shame, racial discrimination, and clinicians’ lack of awareness of OCD symptoms all contribute to long wait times for sufferers. My research aims to address these barriers and increase awareness about a common, but often debilitating, condition.

As part of a research study I conducted, people with OCD created artwork to express their experiences of OCD to clinicians (images depicted below). A short film was also created to educate clinicians about this condition from the perspectives of people who live with OCD (see link to film below). Results of this study demonstrate that clinicians struggle to identify common symptoms of OCD but benefit greatly from exposure to clients’ lived experiences and art-based advocacy methods.

To see an overview of research methods and results, view my research poster:

To read my dissertation:

To watch a film from my research study:

Advocacy Artwork from my Research Study by People with OCD

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